Video: A look at Expo 2020 Dubai's legacy plans

Tue 19 Sep 2017 10:49 AM GST
Expo 2020 announced its vision to create a sustainable new city in Dubai once the mega-event concludes.

A striking domed plaza, tree-lined boulevards, gleaming office blocks and lively parks: this is the long-term future of the site that will host the World Expo in three years’ time.

Under the ambitious plans, a chunk of the space will be repurposed and developed into a two million square metre ‘city’ called District 2020 – intended to commemorate what organisers hope will be a hugely successful global event, and to create a thriving community for decades to come.

District 2020 will house a combination of office, retail, residential and leisure developments, as well as healthcare, education and events spaces and other public facilities. The idea is to create a relaxed, campus-style business community, where multinational corporations rub shoulders with local technology start-ups and pioneering research firms.

(Source: YouTube channel)