Video: Is 3D printing about to change the Middle East's busiest port?

Tue 31 Oct 2017 09:53 AM GST
Every year, thousands of tonnes of cargo pass through Dubai's Jebel Ali port.

Immensa Technology Lab, the UAE’s first dedicated 3D printing facility, will change Jebel Ali’s operations forever.

“Dubai today is the largest re-export hub and offers the largest warehousing. Most of the multinational companies use Dubai as their hub to re-export.

"If you look at the technology of additive manufacturing to an extent, Dubai is in a prime position to place itself and to position itself as being a hub for these MNC’s and large regional and international companies to use it as a manufacturing hub, what they call direct manufacturing," says Immensa CEO Fahmi Al Shawwa.

"You start replacing physical inventory with digital inventory, and instead of shipping digital inventory you actually ship the digital files and manufacture it locally. You can see a massive transformation, where instead of warehouses, you actually have digital factories, where you send a file and you manufacture it.”

(Source: YouTube channel)