Video: Cryptocurrencies - a wise investment for amateurs?

Sun 04 Feb 2018 10:38 AM GST
In the Middle East, and around the world, millions of people are piling into crytocurrencies, many of them amateurs with little or no investment experience or understanding of the crypto market.

The promise of massive gains is drawing these new investors to the crypto market, and every day there are more cryptocurrencies to choose from, ranging from the smart-contract using Ethereum to the bank preferred Ripple, the ultrafast Litecoin and Dash and even Doge, which started out as a simple Rippleprank.

But will it all end in tears, or are cryptocurrencies here to stay?

In the last few months of 2017, the surge of interest in cryptocurrencies was so massive that it forced several of the world’s and the region’s most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges to temporarily stop registering new users while they caught up with the backlog.

Given the amount of people now involved in the cryptocurrency trade, it’s perhaps no surprise that investors are using vastly different strategies to hit their goals. Bernd Debusmann reports.

(Source: YouTube channel)