Video: The third party delivery controversy rumbles on

Sun 25 Mar 2018 10:28 AM GST
Ian Ohan, CEO of Freedom Pizza, wrote a scathing comment piece for Arabian Business last month on the topic of third party delivery services. He accused them of being "parasitic" for the imbalance in the relationship between restaurants and these delivery companies.

So what’s the other side of the story? We spoke to Anis Harb, regional general manager of Deliveroo, to get a response – and he delivered an emphatic defence of the services that his company provides to customers and restaurants.

Arabian Business also interviewed Jason Droege, (job title: “head of Uber everything”) to get his explanation of the value of data that Uber Eats can collect on its customers.

In this edition of Inside AB, Jeremy Lawrence and Eddie Taylor discuss both sides of the argument and ask what they future has in store for the third party delivery space.

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