Video: Tackling MENA's $240bn SME funding gap

Wed 25 Apr 2018 10:05 AM GST
After witnessing the 2011 Egyptian revolution, former journalist Ahmed Moor decided to launch Liwwa, a peer-to-peer funding platform that would address the MENA region's $240bn SME funding gap by lending money to growing businesses.

Together with co-founder and CTO Samer Atiani (former senior software developer at New York-based online retailer Etsy), Moor has managed to lend over $8m to SMEs across the region since the establishment of the Amman-based firm in 2013.

But the Palestinian American entrepreneur, who was born in Rafah refugee camp in Gaza, is particularly interested in driving job creation, acknowledging that there are more unemployed graduates than there are jobs in the MENA region.

A big believer in the private sector, he aims to boost it in order to tackle the unemployment he claims is largely related to the persistant weakness in regional economies.

He told Arabian Business why hiring is his biggest challenge, where he intends to expand Liwwa and why his home country of Palestine is not yet on his list.

Lubna Hamdan and Jeremy Lawerence disuss.

(Source: YouTube channel)