Video: The new flying car from Google co-founder Larry Page

Wed 13 Jun 2018 10:16 AM GST
Google co-founder Larry Page is showcasing his flying car company's latest model, the Flyer.

It's from his company Kitty Hawk — and the new model is fit for one and operated by joystick. The fully electric vehicle flies between 3 feet to 10 feet off the water, powered by 10 independent lift fans, and can fly for up to 20 minutes or 20 miles.

It's something between a pontoon plane and a drone, and it's not too comfortable for the driver, according to a CNN reporter who took the Flyer for a spin.

The start-up teased the Flyer in a demo video last year, and is now nearing public roll out. The personal vehicles are available for pre-order. The company hasn't publicly disclosed a sale price.

Sebastian Thrun, Kitty Hawk's CEO, told CNBC in an interview earlier this year, that they could take to the skies within five years. Kitty Hawk has conducted about 1,500 flights and is also testing its pilotless flying taxi, called Cora, in New Zealand.

(Source: CNBC YouTube channel)