Video: How to get a job in the UAE

Thu 30 Aug 2018 10:31 AM GST
According to Promoth Manghat, CEO of Abu Dhabi-based UAE Exchange, the skills shortages in the tech sector will be one of the defining challenges of employment in the next decade.

A survey of global CEOs at the start of this year found that a lack of talent was their number one concern, ahead of worries over a global downturn, the difficulties of cashflow volatility and the need to find new business models because of disruptive technologies.

The issue of skills in the workplace is a perennial problem, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a pressing issue. However, it is also possible that many companies are focusing on the wrong skills shortage, with too many organisations overlooking the urgent need for soft skills.

In this edition of Inside AB, Bernd Debusmann and Jeremy Lawrence ask what employees need to know about the skills and mindset needed to achieve in today’s work environment.

(Source: YouTube channel)