Video: What ranks in importance to UAE employees - money or happiness?

Wed 12 Sep 2018 10:46 AM GST
According to LinkedIn's global "In it Together" campaign, 66 percent of UAE employees queried defined success as "being happy", compared to 63 percent who identified "being healthy" and 53 percent who identified "maintaining a work-life balance" as the definitions of success.

Among the UAE’s expats, 44.9 percent said they consider themselves “very successful” in the UAE work environment in comparison to their experiences in their countries of origin, while 35.9 percent described themselves as “fairly successful”.

Additionally, 57.3 percent of people noted that exposure to other cultures helps make them more creative, while 59 percent said they have learned more because of that exposure.

The survey also found that 60.9 percent of UAE professionals have a workplace best friend. Just over half – 50.8 percent – said their ‘bestie’ helps them get through the day, while 35.8 percent said they make them feel more confident and 32.8 percent said they help in their career progression.

In this edition of Inside AB, Jeremy Lawrence and Bernd Debusmann look at these intriguing insights into the UAE’s labour force, revealing how a significant number believe themselves to have attained professional success already.

(Source: YouTube channel)