Video: 'Responsible consumption': marketing genius or self-sabotage?

Wed 12 Sep 2018 10:55 AM GST
'Responsible consumption' is becoming a greater part of how companies engage with their customers. Facebook said it has a responsibility to understand how much time users are spending on its apps. Apple has 'digital wellness' features on its phones.

Meanwhile Patagonia ran a campaign with the tagline ‘Don’t by this jacket’ to raise awareness about rampant consumerism; Rei closed its stores on Black Friday to give its employees the day off; and British brand Jigsaw ran with a ‘For life not landfill’ in attempt to distance itself from ‘fast fashion’.

In this edition of Inside AB, Shayan Shakeel and Eddie Taylor look at these examples to ask whether these tactics are a responsible attempt by brands to regulate use or a cynical marketing ploy to attract attention.

(Source: YouTube channel)