Video: Arabian Business Start-Up Awards 2018

Thu 25 Oct 2018 03:16 PM GST
Fifteen entrepreneurs and startups walked away with winners trophies at the Arabian Business StartUp Awards 2018, which took place last night at the Le Meridien Hotel in Dubai.

The main motivation behind the Arabian Business StartUp Awards is for the region’s business ecosystem to recognise and honour the inspiring individuals and organisations that have shown their drive and commitment to achieve excellence.

“Start-ups and SMEs should get more time in the spotlight,” said Lubna Hamdan, editor of Arabian Business Start-Up.

“They account for 95% of companies in the UAE and employ over 17 million people in the GCC. Many of those people are fresh graduates, by the way, who are turned down by the billion dollar corporates. But the fact that we have, in this room, so many remarkable people who have started so many great businesses, is proof that the region’s start up community is alive and kicking.”