Video: How to be a social media startup in the UAE

Mon 05 Nov 2018 09:48 AM GST
Social media platforms are aimed at various audiences with different wants and needs. For example, Twitter users join the most relevant conversations while Instagrammers compete for the best visual content. Those on LinkedIn look for professional opportunities whereas Facebook users connect with far away friends and family.

But if you’re setting up, sustaining or growing a business, how do you know which platform to use? What should be your social media strategy? Should you have one to begin with? And if you’re a complete beginner, what do you do with all these social tools?

A panel at the Arabian Business Start Up Academy answered these questions and more with industry experts including Benjamin Ampen, managing director at Twitter MENA and Pakistan, Kamel Al Asmar, director of community and data at Wamda and founder of Nakhwah, Ghassan Talhouk, head of LinkedIn talent solutions in the UAE and Marwan Al Awadhi aka DJ Bliss, artist, social media influencer and founder of Bliss Inc. Entertainment in Dubai.

In this edition of Inside AB, Jeremy Lawrence and Lubna Hamdan pick out the best bits of advice that were shared at the Academy. These are tips and tricks and entrepreneur can use to boost their profile and increase their reach.

(Source: YouTube channel)