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Wed 7 Nov 2018 10:33 AM

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Video: Veganism - an ethical awakening and a booming business

Dairy production is the principal cause of environmental issues in the world, according to Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, founding chairman of KBW Ventures and KBW Investments.

Known for his vegan lifestyle, and vocal campaigner on the benefits of veganism, Prince Khaled told a Dubai audience of the harmful effect that dairy farming was having in producing greenhouse gases.

“There's something that really does skip people's minds when we talk about the environment. I'd love everyone to take their actions into consideration when thinking of the environment - and I'm not talking about buying the next [Toyota] Prius, or the next Tesla, or opening up a few solar farms,” Prince Khaled told the audience at this year’s CEO Middle East awards at Dubai’s Rixos Premium, JBR.

“The number one contributor to global warming is factory farming. Greenhouse gases from animal agriculture contributes more to global warming than all the auto industry put together,” he added.

“Reducing eating meat, fish, and the root of all that is evil in my opinion, and many others, dairy from your diet will contribute more to your and to the environment than you could ever imagine,” he said.

But Prince Khaled is also a canny businessman. As the founder and CEO of KBW Ventures, he is in talks to bring vegan F&B chain Plant Power Fast Food to the Middle East region.

Prince Khaled has signed a deal with Plant Power Fast Food to bring the popular restaurant chain to the region. He has also partnered with Californian plant-based chef Matthew Kenney to change the hospitality and food service industry on a global scale.

The plan involves introducing vegan options on menus in restaurants around the world through the partnership created by Prince Khaled's KBW Ventures and Matthew Kenney called Folia.

“The appeal of plant-based cuisine has never been stronger,” said Prince Khaled. “My partnership with Matthew Kenney for this new menu at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is just the beginning.

In this edition of Inside AB, Shruthi Nair and Jeremy Lawrence take a look at the vegan revolution that is gathering pace around the world, and ask what this means for the F&B sector in this region.

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