Video: Badr Jafar: when profit and purpose meet

Thu 15 Nov 2018 11:15 AM GST
Badr Jafar and the company he heads, Crescent Enterprises, have a wide array of business interests ranging from American ports to venture capital, sensor enabled clothing for blue collar workers and history-inspired coffee houses.

In Jafar’s eyes, the best opportunities are the ones that align profit and purpose and have social and even environmental impact built in to the concept, rather than as an unintended consequence.

Now, he believes other businessmen and companies should follow suit and not believe there is a trade-off between doing good and making a profit.

In this edition of Inside AB, Shruti Nair and Bernd Debusmann look at the way Crescent Enterprises approaches its businesses and what that could mean for other companies.

(Source: YouTube channel)