Video: A UAE fix for global education crisis

Tue 20 Nov 2018 10:23 AM GST
Global contributions towards educating children and young affected by emergencies barely scratches the surface in terms of satisfying their needs, according to Dubai Cares CEO, Tariq al Gurg.

Al Gurg was speaking with Arabian Business in an interview when he disclosed the extent of the struggle donors and aid agencies are contending with in a bid to educate the world’s disadvantaged.

“The portion of global humanitarian aid that goes toward educating children is roughly one percent. And the portion of that going towards educating children in emergency contexts is at most two percent,” he said. “I can only tell you that we need to do more, because what is being done right now globally isn’t working.”

Roughly 1 billion children in the work are either unable to attend school or cannot adequately read or write despite attending school, according to Dubai Cares. Over 75 million children in the world are affected by emergencies, defined as conflict, epidemics or natural disasters.

In this edition of Inside AB, Jeremy Lawrence and Shayan Shakeel look at this huge global issue, and the ways in which Dubai Cares might help alleviate the problem.

(Source: YouTube channel)