Video: Should GCC firms evolve for a new digital era?

Thu 13 Dec 2018 10:10 AM GST
Organisations across multiple sectors in the UAE and the wider oil-producing Gulf region have felt the squeeze amidst a tough macroeconomic climate of low crude prices, slower economic growth and tight liquidity from banks.

Interestingly, the plunging oil prices in 2014 is what has driven upward demand for global enterprise application software company SAP’s expertise and services across multiple sectors, even in the most hard struck oil and gas sector.

A study by SAP and Oxford Economics Digital Transformation Executive last year found that more than 84 percent of organisations saw digital transformation as critical and that more than three-quarters of the Middle East and North Africa’s digital-leading organisations would invest in big data and the IoT in 2018 to drive disruptive business competitiveness.

(Source: YouTube channel)