Video: Emerging technologies in manufacturing could change entire societies

Thu 20 Dec 2018 10:01 AM GST
Global Manufacturing and Industrial Summit and Mubadala Aerospace head Badr Al-Olama on how emerging technologies can change entire societies and improve the lives of billions - if done right.

Al-Olama says that the world is now at the cusp of an important inflection point when it comes to industry.

New and still emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine-learning, cloud computing and 3D printing, however, have brought with them a new set of challenges, and concerns regarding the long-term employment prospects of many current manufacturing jobs.

According to research from Korn Ferry, for example, 60 percent of UAE business leaders believe a “talent deficit” will hit the country as early as 2020, while another 50 percent said they believe that a third of the existing workforce will no longer be needed in a decade, along with 20 percent of the total number of human roles.

(Source: YouTube channel)