Video: What is the modern day face of Swiss banking?

Sun 23 Dec 2018 10:12 AM GST
Lombard Odier's status as a family-owned business for seven generations has helped it win clientele from some of the most affluent families, entrepreneurs, and private investors in the GCC, as it helps to preserve, grow and transmit their assets over time.

Leclercq, who is in charge of emerging markets, says Lombard Odier applies to its clients the same family principles that have driven its own business since its foundation: integrity, responsibility and long-term vision.

The global wealth and asset manager, headquartered in Geneva since 1796, has total client assets of $281bn. In the UAE and GCC market, Lombard Odier has seen a consistent and significant growth of their business and client base for the past decade.

While Leclercq insists this region has high potential, presenting many opportunities for growth, he’s discreet when asked about the total value of client assets the firm currently manages here.

(Source: YouTube channel)