Video: What to expect in Saudi Arabia's new entertainment industry

Mon 28 Jan 2019 11:23 AM GST
Saudi Arabia's General Entertainment Authority has announced a wide range of entertainment options including football exhibitions, magic shows and Islamic cultural events.

Restaurants and cafes will now be able to apply for entertainment licenses to host music and comedy events as Saudi Arabia ramps up its entertainment offerings in 2019, General Entertainment Authority chairman Turki Al-Sheikh announced on Tuesday.

Speaking to media in Saudi Arabia, Al-Sheikh said that the move forms part of a wider plan to turn Saudi Arabia into one of the world’s top 10 entertainment destinations.

As part of the strategy, the GEA has entered into long-term contracts with over 100 local and international partners.

Other entertainment options will include e-gaming events, concerts, plays, car ‘drifting’ competitions, stand-up comedy and magic shows, as well as exhibition football matches featuring the likes of David Beckham and Zenedine Zidane.

Arabian Business reporters Bernd Debusmann and Shruthi Nair discuss what to expect in the coming years as Saudi Arabia develops its entertainment industry.

(Source: YouTube channel)