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Wed 30 Jan 2019 10:29 AM

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Video: Can this UAE-based billionaire Indian businessman make cricket cool?

Shaji Ul Mulk is on a quest to make cricket bigger than football. Cricket is also becoming the fastest evolving major sport in the world.

In 2007, playing nations competed in the first T20 World Cup, a faster-paced version roughly half the length of a typical one-day game.

The introduction of T20s has seen the sport’s average TV audience per year quadruple to 2.5 billion viewers. But Mulk isn’t satisfied.

In March 2017, Mulk hired a consultancy on a three-month project to understand what cricket lacked. “Football has 3.5 billion viewers on average each year. It delivers all the human emotions - anger, happiness, sadness and excitement - in 90 minutes,” he says.

To Mulk, 90 minutes is the most important term in the world at the moment.

Devotees of the sport would understand what it means to say T10 cricket ‘is just not cricket’. Except that it is. It’s loud, brash and full of bravado, just like the legacy that Pakistani reverse swingers, English bodyliners, Australian sledgers created and the one of extraordinary batting that India’s captain Virat Kohli is currently carving - ust in 90 minutes.

Arabian Business reporters Shayan Shakeel and Bernd Debusmann reveal billionaire industrialist Shaji Ul Mulk's plan of making cricket cool to the rest of the world.

(Source: YouTube channel)