Video: How will 5G impact UAE businesses?

Wed 13 Feb 2019 10:41 AM GST
Wojciech Bajda, Head of Ericsson GCC and Sherry Zameer, SVP of Gemalto discuss the much talked about 5G network on this week's AB Live.

Ericsson together with its partners has been working with 5G technology for several years in the labs, and last two years we took these technologies into advanced outdoor field trials and now 5G is becoming a reality. We see the GCC as part of the advanced markets and 5G will be deployed in the region soon.

Cybersecurity is a big topic in general. When the networks become not just a part of communication infrastructure, but you start running more societal and industrial enterprise applications on top of the network, it means you need better security. That puts higher requirements on the network.

(Source: YouTube channel)