Video: What can organisations do to survive in the digital business world?

Mon 25 Mar 2019 10:23 AM GST
"Change in mindsets, plus new practices augmented by technologies are going to give CIOs the capabilities they need to survive in the business world that is continuously changing", said Miriam Burt, Managing VP of Gartner during the Gartner Symposium that took place recently.

She emphasizes the relevance of the cohort called Generation Z for retailers and brands. According to her, catering to their unique needs given their unique characteristics is paramount for the businesses today. "Chiefly, they are very mobile, social, visual, collaborative, sharing, green, and like to be in control", she explained.

The main reason to watch out for this particular cohort is because their behaviour is being adopted by older generations and this is happening for the first time.

This generation has turned the retail atmosphere globally where trends have shifted from customer loyalty to retailer loyalty.

(Source: YouTube channel)