Video: How will the new data centres in the UAE help customers and organisations?

Sun 07 Apr 2019 11:32 AM GST
Microsoft is investing heavily in two new data centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi this year.

Concerns over security, latency, data residency and escalating IT budgets will be addressed at the new data centres. The services can be availed by organisations, governments, and businesses.

"This is the single biggest announcement and investment Microsoft is making in the region. This is a platform, more like an ocean, where more than 100 services will help people cater to their business needs by implementing different scenarios", said Necep Ozyucel, Regional Business Group Lead for Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft Gulf.

Microsoft isn't doing anymore big updates or product launches. Their main focus right now is the continuous innovation of cloud solutions in order to catch up with new technological solutions being introduced in the market.

(Source: YouTube channel)