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Wed 24 Apr 2019 10:35 AM

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Video: How the giant-trusses of Dubai's Coca-Cola Arena was lifted

Coca-Cola Arena is one of Dubai's most-awaited and keenly watched construction projects of 2019, but how is this megaproject being built, and how was its roof - a steel structure weighing 4,000 t - engineered?

Coca-Cola Arena's roof structure was built and implemented by Assent, the steel arm of UAE construction giant ASGC.

Two mega trusses, each weighing 822 tons, were lifted in as a whole piece using some of the world’s biggest cranes.

With both the support and additional steel structure, the total weight of the Arena’s roof is approximately seven times the weight of an A380, the world’s biggest airliner.

In November 2018, Coca-Cola Arena's project team told Construction Week that two models of the Demag CC 8800-1 crane were used for the operation.

The crawler crane, according to Demag’s website, has a lifting capacity of 1,600t and “a maximum load moment of 26,160 tonne-meters”. Aljaber Heavy Lift operated the cranes for the job.

Additionally, the developer also said that Assent, the structural steel company of UAE construction heavyweight ASGC, engineered the mega-trusses. This was done “under the supervision of Dar Al Handasah”.

This video, produced by ASGC, showcases how the roof of Coca-Cola Arena was engineered from start to finish.

(Source: Construction Week YouTube channel)