Airbus' crazy new flying car: Introducing the Pop.Up car, in partnership with Italdesign

Sun 19 Mar 2017 05:35 PM GST
Airbus has just revealed its first car at the Geneva Auto Show 2017. The concept – which is called Pop.Up – aims to solve congestion, by utilizing 'urban airspace'. The futuristic flying car is fully autonomous and modular – it drives on roads and flies through the sky.

The vehicle is a two-seat pod that connects to an all-electric chassis and wheels when on the road. When it takes to the skies, the pod is picked up by an 'air module' with eight rotors attached to its roof.

Airbus says it even works with Hyperloop, the futuristic transportation system from Elon Musk. While it's still just a concept, Airbus has said it expects this technology to exist within the next ten years.

(Source: CEO Middle East YouTube channel)