Inside the $1 billion Celebrity Edge super cruise

Wed 26 Apr 2017 12:11 PM GST
This is Royal Caribbean's newest vessel, a cruise ship that cost US$1 billion.

It's over 1000-ft long and carries 3,000 passengers. It's being described as the ultimate adult 'playscape'. Penthouse suites and two-storey Edge villas both feature plunge pools. Other rooms have open-air balconies.

There is a rooftop garden has metal trees where musicians can perch in the branches. It will also host movie nights. There is also a section called 'The Retreat'. It has a pool, lounge restaurant and butler service.

It's most striking feature is a 'Magic Carpet' – the world's first floating restaurant deck. It goes up and down the ship, providing a different experience at each stop. The first Celebrity Edge cruise is due to set sail in December 2018.

(Source: CEO Middle East YouTube channel)