Video: World's most expensive $25,000 cake: Tyrion Lannister only in Dubai

Thu 06 Jul 2017 12:50 PM GST
This EPIC 4 foot high cake is a majestic tribute to the legendary Tyrion Lannister – the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms.

The one-of-a-kind cake is made entirely of sugar fondant and sugar paste. The elaborate craftsmanship includes the detailed modelling of Tyrion's face and body seated on a meticulously layered Iron Throne made entirely of fondant.

Our team didn’t miss any of the small details either! Tyrion’s holding a flask of his favourite guilty pleasure, and we’ve dressed him up in his distinctive red jacket with intricate gold artwork. Each component of the model has been crafted and painted to give the model a picture perfect finish.

(Source: Broadway Bakery Dubai YouTube channel)