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Mon 25 Nov 2013 11:25 AM

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What could Dubai buy on November 28?

Around $8.1bn is forecast to be spent staging the event in the emirate

What could Dubai buy on November 28?

Come Thursday morning, it is likely that millions of UAE residents will be celebrating victory in the race to host Expo 2020. But for the organising committee, the chances are they will already be at their desks, planning for the mega event.

According to HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of the Dubai Expo 2020 Higher Committee, around $8.1bn will be spent on the event – much of it on the infrastructure. But it is equally likely that Dubai will go on a buying spree to snap up some of the essentials needed to put on the show.

So what can we expect?

1/ Key people

All the big bidding work has been done by a stellar team in the UAE. But running a show is different. Many of the world’s top event organisers are likely to have been already identified, and a core team of expert consultants could quickly be brought in. Individuals with experience of hosting past Expos, World Cups and Olympics are sure to be top of the list.

2/Retail  Brands

No shortage of big retail brands already in the UAE, but some of the smaller consumer ones – particularly key F&B brands, are likely to be on the radar. The best ice cream, the best pizza, the best burger. If it isn’t already here, it soon could be.

3/ Transportation

Dubai has already set the benchmark when it comes to building and running a great metro system, while its tram project is well underway. But speed and frequency will be essential for Expo2020. Some of the most advanced trams and trains in the world, including the fastest and longest, could well be finding their way to the emirate if the bid is successful. Our sources suggest that even specialist helicopter and small plane charters are also on the radar.

4/ Media

Dubai has already done a fabulous job getting the word out on its bid – even the likes of British PM David Cameron have written columns to back the bid. But victory – and the ensuing coverage during the event – will take this to a new level. Top Hollywood celebrities have been busy tweeting their support via Dubai.TV – which is actually based in Los Angeles and owned by the founder of Hollywood.TV Sheeraz Hasan. He says its “not for sale.” He may change his mind on November 28 if the price is right.

5/ Hotels

Once again no shortage of fabulous five star hotels already in the emirate. But with so many millions of visitors expected,  it is likely that Dubai will move quickly to bring across a number of leading budget hotel brands. Easyhotels is already here but similar, much cheaper style hotels catering for people only staying a couple of nights, are also expected to be brought across.

WakeUp 6 years ago

Anyone else notices the Pro-Expo2020 and Anti-WC2022 on this website ?

Ahsan 6 years ago

The expectation in this article is for few only, what about the expectations of the human asset, who live in Dubai and runs the economy of this city.

They are expecting, higher rents, highers fees on different services. But what they are not able to expect is higher salaries. Why? because no body is looking into that.

You want to host the event , please do but don't kill the huge 80% of expat population under this $8.1bn of glamourous show.

Any answers, Dubai ?

Benjamin Levy 6 years ago

Hey it's Benji in New York, I found out about Dubai when Kim Kardashian went there a couple years ago, but I didn't know they were trying to get the World Expo there until I saw Lindsay Lohan's tweet -- good luck hope Dubai wins, that would be awesome

Tony 6 years ago

how can you be so over confident although chances are truely in your favour.The race isnt over untill its run by all.

MixedFeelings 6 years ago

@WakeUp - The Anti-WC2022 campaign that you see is not specific to this website, not to forget that it is valid (while your comparison is not). In simple terms, Dubai is ready & capable to host the Expo 2020 (their infrastructure, airports, business friendly environment says it all). Qatar, on the other hand, is not even close to being ready for the WC2022; they don't have any proper infrastructure in place, and even their labor laws are still way behind (employees still need to get sponsor permission before they travel!)
However, as a Dubai resident and being someone who loves the city & country, I do have mixed feelings about the Expo2020 coming to town. While I'm keen on celebrating the promise that comes with Dubai winning the rights to host this event (and the prosperity that should follow), I am quite concerned about the impact that the hype & reality will have on my living standards, especially in terms of the increase in living expenses without guaranteed salary hikes...

anonymous 6 years ago

@ Ahsan - Several share your thoughts....but I dont think anyone of us know the answer or rather a solution to the possible situation that might arise soon....

rjadvano 6 years ago

I certainly hope that Dubai is successful in its bid for EXPO 2020.

My concern is the same as several others. What does this do to the cost of living ? USD8.1bn is allot of money for an economy that until 18 months ago was in the doldrums.

I sincerely hope the wise leaders of this city/state don't expect us expatriates to foot the bill. I really don't want to have to pay AED 100.00 for a Schwarma and Watermelon Juice at the local cafe.

Punky Brewster 6 years ago

Bang on! Living expenses WILL be going up regardless of the Expo bid win for DXB. Rents, school fees, transport services, U name it, people in Dubai will have no choice or say. Isn't 2013 alone a classic example of living costs going up?! Health card fees, rent cap in Abu Dhabi... dunno what else is on the cards (expat remittance tax)!! Good Luck people!

SA1 6 years ago

Most of the excitement is from the Real estate sector and the brokers on the street. Bet none of them has every heard about Expo before and now are all gaga about it.

Estimate is 25 million people will visit, out of which 30% will be local uae resident. Thats not a big number considering 97 million visited in Shanghai expo. The expo is one giant GITEX over 6 months and then it is over.

I don't believe this will affect rent inflation. In-fact all the new property projects will bring in more supply.

Hisham 6 years ago

Given that expats enjoyed relatively high salaries (compared to their home countries), one can argue that it is long due for them to contribute some portion back to the economy. There are not many countries around which provide such a superior lifestyle as Dubai and yet does not have taxes (the fees are not the same as taxes)