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Thu 7 Jun 2012 01:16 PM

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World Cup host Brazil signs off alcohol bill

New FIFA-enforced law will allow for sale of alcohol at stadiums at 2014 tournament

World Cup host Brazil signs off alcohol bill
Brazil’s new bill, which lays out a number of rules for the World Cup, does not mention any restriction of alcohol.

Brazil’s president has signed a law that would potentially allow the sale of alcohol during matches at the FIFA 2014 football World Cup. 

The sport's governing body FIFA has pushed for the sale of alcohol at the 12 venues of the 2014 World Cup finals despite a national ban on the sale of alcohol in sports venues as part of a bid to stamp out violence among fans.

Brazil’s new bill, which lays out a number of rules for the World Cup, does not mention any restriction of alcohol.

FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke in January said alcohol is a non-negotiable aspect of the World Cup and the right to sell it must be enshrined in a law the Brazilian Congress was considering at the time.

“Alcoholic drinks are part of the FIFA World Cup, so we're going to have them. Excuse me if I sound a bit arrogant but that's something we won't negotiate,” Valcke said.

“The fact that we have the right to sell beer has to be a part of the law,” he added. 

The new legislation follows months after Qatar, host of the 2022 World Cup, curbed the sale of alcoholic drinks on its flagship development, the Pearl, in what is seen as a display of tension between Qatar’s Muslim culture and its largely expatriate population.

The sale of alcohol is strictly monitored in five of the Gulf states with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait operating outright bans on the sale and consumption of liquor.

The move to offer alcohol licenses to outlets and non-Muslims is largely a nod to the region’s expatriate workers, who vastly outnumber the local population. But the decision has been met with criticism from some citizens who oppose the sale of liquor in Muslim countries.

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Swig N Barf 8 years ago

How sad that drinking alcohol is officially "part of the world cup". If a bar owner said you can't come in unless you agree to kick a football round the room you'd think he was mad, but the reverse (which is much nastier as it leaves people drunk and stupid, as existing Brazilian law recognises) is considered essential by the liquor-driven officials at FIFA. Weird.

Lionheart 8 years ago

Nothing weird about it. Alcohol providers are the biggest supporters of this competition and alcohol is drunk by 80% of the participating teams fans and is part of the culture whether you like it or not. You can still have a few beers without falling down or getting blind drunk and stupid , it's called enjoyment , you should try it.

Qatar take note because catering to the majority is what this competition is about !

Bu Saif 8 years ago

It is sad that one needs to include intoxication to achieve enjoyment.

procan 8 years ago

Lets have all the non drinking countries play against the drinkers and see who comes on top in all categories.

C U Jimmy 8 years ago

Well Lionheart, (obviously you're still mentally in the Crusades), the Brazilians, obviously normally happy from a cultural standpoint with "a few beers" had discovered that footie supporters are a big problem when allowed to drink in the ground, being evidently incapable of the moderation you fondly imagine. Hence the Brazilian laws against it. Now browbeaten by FIFA and the it's brewery company "supporters" (funny word for "big business that makes a ton of money off something") it has given in against its better judgement. But I take your point that giving in to the majority no matter how stupid it is, is the essence of popular democracy. Lovely. Remember it as a gang of lager louts choose to use you or your property as target practice.

mohammad 8 years ago

Bu Saif, did anybody put a gun to your head and force you to drink??


footie fan 8 years ago

If you dont like the World Cup and its set up, C U Jimmy, dont complain to others but to your friend Blatter and his FIFA cronies.

Brazil and all hosts know the terms and conditions of the set up that they bid for. If they dont like it they shouldnt bid.

Brazil hasnt complained. They have complied.
End of story.

Matt 8 years ago

"it leaves people drunk and stupid"

You don't have to get drunk you know? You can have a few beers and not get legless.

It's good that people have a choice. If you don't want to drink then don't, but giving people the option is a good thing.

I am - along with many other fans - boycotting all the World Cup sponsors anyway in protest of corruption in FIFA so I wouldn't be drinking any of the official beers. But there's nothing wrong with a drink at the game.

Expat123 8 years ago

Bu Said,
Who said everyone will get intoxicated? What's wrong with enjoying a beer or two with dinner? At a game? I dont like the smell of smoke but I dont complain about all the shisha being smoked when I'm at dinner in Dubai because I realize its a cultural thing. Should I say "its sad that one has to inhale smoke and make everyone around them breath it in to acheive enjoyment"? What's wrong with a few friends blowing off some steam during a sporting event and enjoying time together if they arent bothering anyone? Your statement has no base.

Doug 8 years ago

“Alcoholic drinks are part of the FIFA World Cup, so we're going to have them. Excuse me if I sound a bit arrogant but that's something we won't negotiate,”

I can't wait until 2022. It's going to be fascinating to see which of FIFA or Qatar will have to budge on this.