World's 100 Most Powerful Arabs 2014
Wed 26 Mar 2014 03:56 PM
Khalid Al Falih

Company: Saudi Aramco

Designation: CEO

Country: Saudi Arabia

With a workforce of around 55,000, crude oil reserves of 260 billion barrels and revenues of $1bn per day in 2012, the superlatives just keep on coming for Saudi Aramco. It is also widely believed to be the most profitable company in the world.

Al Falih took charge of this giant firm in January 2009 from Abdullah Juma’ah, at a time of great significance in the industry due to the fluctuating price of oil. He joined Aramco in 1978, and was sponsored by the firm to take a degree in mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University in 1982.

Black gold

Al Falih is at the helm of the world’s biggest oil company.