World's 100 Most Powerful Arabs 2014
Wed 26 Mar 2014 03:56 PM
Hassan M. Yousef

Designation: Writer

Country: Syria

Wassan M Yousef  is a well-known Syrian writer, novelist, playwright, screenwriter  and journalist. Born in February 1948, in north-west Syria, Yousef  started his career in journalism in the early 1970s as cultural editor of daily Arabic-langyage newspaper Tishreen. 

Yousef wrote the scripts for many of the Arab world’s most famous television serials, including parts 1 and 2 of Ekhwat Al Turab (Brothers of Blood). The show won a gold award at a drama festival in Cairo in 1996, while it also picked up the silver award at a radio and television festival in Tunisia in 1998.  

Yousef has also written many novels and plays. Many of his works, especially his novels,  have been translated in to languages as diverse as French, English, Russian, and Chinese.

Cultural leaders

Hasan Yousef is famous Syrian author and playwright.