World's 100 Most Powerful Arabs 2014
Wed 26 Mar 2014 03:56 PM
Al Laith Hajo

Designation: Director

Country: Syria

Al Laith Hajo is a prominent Syrian television and film director.

He has made his reputation by creating TV shows that cover areas that other directors fear to tread. Some of the taboo topics covered in his show include corruption and religious intolerance.

Hajo’s most recent series was called ‘Saanoud Baad Qalil’ (We’ll Be Right Back), which was written by Rafi Wehbe. The show covered the ongoing political crisis in Syria from the viewpoint of a family that had been displaced by the violence and fled to Lebanon.

The director has also been working with superstar Cyrine Abdelnour on the show ‘Loobat Al Mawt’, a remake of Hollywood drama ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’.