World's 100 Most Powerful Arabs 2014
Wed 26 Mar 2014 03:56 PM
Seif El Sbei

Designation: Director

Country: Syria

Seif al-Din Sbei, or better known as Seif Sbei, is another one of Syria’s crop of young directorial talent. Seif’s debut was in the classic television series ‘Bassmet el Hozn’ (The Smile of Sadness) adopted from a Syrian novel that was translated into English and became famous in the US under the title, ‘Sabriya: Damascus Bittersweet’.

Five years later he began work as an assistant director as well, working on the famed political satire show Maraya (Mirrors) with the Syrian comedian Yasser al-Azma.  Seif’s real talent, however, was in directing. After directing the 30-episode series Maraya 2003 for Azma, he worked on a light-hearted comedy called Joz al-Sit (The Madam’s Husband) in 2005. Seif has since moved to serious dramas, working on a string of big-name hits featuring Syria’s best acting talent.

Film legend

Seif El Sbei has acted or directed well over a dozen Syrian television dramas.