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Mon 4 Jan 2010 08:39 PM

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World's tallest tower hits 828m, renamed Burj Khalifa

Thousands witness spectacular show to mark opening of tallest skyscraper.

World's tallest tower hits 828m, renamed Burj Khalifa
Fireworks exploding from the Burj Khalifa can be seen for miles. (ITP Images)

The $1.5bn Burj Dubai was dramatically renamed Burj Khalifa on Monday night during a spectacular ceremony to open the world's tallest tower.

The announcement was made in front of the thousands of people who had squeezed into the Downtown area to witness one of the world's biggest firework displays.

Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum renamed the tower after the president of the UAE and the ruler of the neighbouring emirate of Abu Dhabi.

After years of mystery, the final height of the tower was revealed to be 828 metres , some 10 metres higher than the estimates of most industry experts and pundits.

The opening coincided with the fourth anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Mohammed to power in the emirate of Dubai.

Earlier, Emaar Properties said on Monday the final cost of the world's tallest tower stood at $1.5 billion, with 90 percent of the building already sold, and that it would benefit 2010 results.

Chairman Mohamed Alabbar said the Burj Dubai opening would have a positive impact on the first three quarters of 2010.

Started at the height of the economic boom and built by some 12,000 labourers, the world's tallest building opens on Monday in Dubai as the once-booming emirate seeks to revive optimism during its financial crisis.

Emaar Properties also said it will focus on international projects where it was already present, adding that the emirate's property prices have stabilised.

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Mahesh 10 years ago

How i wish the old name remained... Let Burj Khalifa aka BK tower , tower over the world till the end of time

laeinuae 10 years ago

It's not only local emaratis who are proud of this new world icon "Burj Khalifa". I believe all expatriates here in UAE with different nationalities are also proud with their one eyebrow up telling all their friends in other county & most especially in facebook that we are no 1 in the world today. It's a feeling of mixed emotions such as excitement, joy & of course being proud considering that Dubai was just a plain desert before but now almost everything is here. What more if all the future projects of His Royal Highness are done. I guess by that time the only thing missing is artificial snow to beat the extreme summer heat. But everyone was really surprised when Sheikh Maktoum renamed it to Burj Khalifa. I guess it should really be that way coz we already have alot of icons here which is named after Dubai, Emirates & Arab words. It's time for a change. For soon there will be an icon which will be name after Al Maktoum. Let's not also forget to thank those thousands of construction workers who burned their skin under the extreame heat & risked their lives to finished Burj Khalifa. Great Job gentlemen!

Punch 10 years ago

There are a lot of examples of naming a building after its owner.

EXPAT 10 years ago

Throughout the ceremony and the speeches etc, there was not one acknowledgement to the labourers (some who died) who built this building, what about some thanks, it really would not have gone amiss, but why is there never any acknowledgement of gratitude to the millions of expats who have built this city. Without them nothing would be here.

Chris J 10 years ago

This is a fine name for the tower and a great memory of this iconic figure, but why was it named after an Abu Dhabi icon and not a Dubai icon. Is this the price for the recent loans?

Ramez 10 years ago

I have been living in Dubai for 9 years as an Arab expat I am so proud of what is happing now , the true Unity is showing , yes Dubai have out did itself so many time and yes it may be known more that Abu Dhabi , but at the end it is one country and the achievement is for the country , if the country grows , every person anywhere in the UAE will benefit , hence I am so happy that brotherly show that we are one , and we are all UAE residents not Dubai or Abu Dhabi , keep our heads high with pride , May god bless all the UAE leaders

xcv1001 10 years ago

Hail to Dubai and the his leader who wants everything to be No.1 in his city!

To Expact 10 years ago

Just a clarification to comment no. 2, prior to the ceremony there was a lot of interviews done with Al Abar who thanked everyone, in addition the video that played during the ceremony, the fireworks, the people that showed up and the building itself was an enough thank you for everyone that was part of this iconic development including myself. Please always remember that without Dubai, expacts would not be where there are at this point, this city has offered opportunities to all without getting any in return, what they got is bad publicity and doubtful individuals that will always continue to talk and talk. It is time for all expacts to say a big thank you for this city and try to show some appreciation to what it has offered them and still offering instead of requesting a thank you on public TV, I am sure the leaders of the expacts countries of nationality are continuously thanking them for being part of the country through income taxes etc…. It’s time for all of us to support this city and stand next to it! It’s time to say Thank you Dubai

H. I. 10 years ago

Since they wend ahead and reached 828; they could have made it as well 888m............. Just an idea. Great building and great show yesterday; good luck for Dubai and hope for a quick come back.

Loudsecret 10 years ago

Yes indeed every expat peoples involved deserve a courteous appreciation...when we talk about Money is not only life, etc..there comes a stings of sincerity and contribution which involves dedication, risk of life, etc....for an instant an engineer who is to mix concrete at 2:2:2 of involved elments fo get perfect quality can go for 1.9:1.7:1.5 which may yield the acceptable quality but on consolidation makes the difference. As a whole Dubai stands out and prides itself for what it has today and everyones contribution must the acknowledged. Long live Dubai !