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Sun 28 Nov 2010 12:02 PM

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Young Arab women more likely to migrate to UAE - survey

Nearly one in three young people in the Arab world want to migrate permanently

Young Arab women more likely to migrate to UAE - survey
PERMANENT EMIGRATION: More young Arab women are likely to emigrate to the UAE than men, according to a new survey (Getty Images)

Young Arab women are more likely to want to migrate to the UAE than men, according to a new survey that rated the country as amongst the most preferred migration destinations for Arab youth.

A Gallup survey in ‘The Silatech Index: Voices of Young Arabs’ said that young men and women would prefer to emigrate permanently to the same regions and countries, but five percent more women than men said they wanted to move to the UAE.

“Young women (13 percent) are slightly more likely than young men (eight percent) to want to move to the UAE,” according to a report published in Emirates 24/7.

In terms of women, the report added that the UAE is at par with the US as the preferred destination for immigration.

It said: “Young women who say they would like to emigrate were asked about their preferred destination. The top four destination countries for these young Arab women include two Arab countries and two Western nations: Saudi Arabia (14 percent), the UAE and the US (13 percent each), and France (12 percent).”

The comprehensive survey revealed that nearly one in three young people across the Arab world wanted to migrate permanently to another country. African countries are most at risk of losing a large percentage of their youth population, if they act on their desires to leave, the report said.

On the other hand, Gulf countries such as the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are typically on the receiving end of emigrants, and are least likely to lose more than a small percentage to emigration, the survey said.

A large proportion of youths from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine who were surveyed, chose the UAE as their preferred destination for permanent migration, followed by Saudi Arabia and the US, Emirates Business said.

The Silatech report said that the Arab world is unique in having a relatively high proportion of young people expressing the desire to start a business.

Only four percent of young people in North America or Europe plan to launch a business in the coming year, which is in sharp contrast to the 15 percent of young Arabs who have expressed their ambition to begin their own businesses.

Ms Naseebah Khalil 8 years ago


I am from the United Kingdom (born and bred) and I love Arab countries very much (I am Arab by ethnicity). I am impressed with the rate and growth of the economy in Arab countries and I have a flare for business too. I would gladly do business in the Middle East as well as in Britain. UAE and KSA are my top favorites...

Yaser Al Khudhiri 8 years ago

What type of business? Marketing, media, advertising, banking etc....

Khayat 8 years ago

I guess the title should be Young Arab women more likely to migrate to KSA - as 14% indicated that they want to move to Saudi while 13 % indicated that they want to move to UAE