Anthony Armstrong

Anthony Armstrong

Industry: Banking and Finance

Company: Qatar Holding

Designation: Head of Mergers and Acquisitions

Country: Qatar/USA

Occupation: Head of Mergers and Acquisitions

Every corporation and sports team in the world seems today to be queuing up to do business with Qatar. The oil-rich Gulf nation is on a spending spree, snapping up assets all over the world, and you would have had to have spent the last twelve months on Mars not to have noticed. Anthony Armstrong is the man whose nod is everything for would-be partners.

2011 is unlikely to be a restful year for him. Qatar is today linked, in the media at least, with every blue-chip on the planet, and with the small matter of the 2022 World Cup to organise, is thought to be on the brink of swooping for Manchester Utd. The coming decade will be one in which Qatar emerges fully onto the global consciousness, and Armstrong’s role in that will be immense.

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