Emirati graduates eye $7,300 monthly salary for first job

Study finds vast majority of university leavers seek work in public sector, citing higher pay

Emirati graduates in the UAE are seeking pay of up to AED27,000 (US$7,300) for their first job and prefer working in the public sector, according to the findings of a new poll.

A study by recruitment firm GulfTalent.com found 86 percent and 66 percent of Emirati male and female graduates, respectively, favoured conditions in the public sector, citing higher salaries and greater job security.

Just 4 percent of male graduates and 10 percent of female graduates claimed they wanted to work in the private sector.

The report, which was conducted in association with ten universities in the UAE, also found that Abu Dhabi investment vehicle Mubadala was the most popular working destination for new graduates, followed by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Masdar and Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.

The only private company to make GulfTalent.com’s list of most popular employers for Emirati graduates was advertising agency Leo Burnett, which ranked 12. Government-owned Emirates Airline came in at 7 in the study.

In terms of salary expectations, male Emiratis said they expected AED27,000 per month pay for a first time job, whereas women eyed an AED19,000 pay packet.

GulfTalent.com found that about a quarter of those Emiratis polled saw personal connections, or ‘Wasta’, as a key factor in securing the ideal job.

Some of the characteristics of their employer that Emiratis deemed as a priority included a challenging and interesting work environment (citied by 72 percent of graduates), good training and development (53 percent) and a good public image and reputation (43 percent).

According to statistics published by the UAE’s Ministry of Labour, more than 90 percent of the Gulf state’s 225,000 Emirati working population are employed by government or public sector entities.

Just 22,000 UAE nationals work in the private sector, which employ some 4m expatriates.

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Posted by: John darwin

This forum seems to have a lots of Brit/Can expats who use every opportunity to put down the UAE. They fail to understand that in its 45 year existance , this country has achieved remarkble progress and development. Yes, it is not perfect, but i would prefer to be in the UAE , than anywhere else.
I could go on and on about the UK- unemployment, horrible weather, welfare, white collar corruption, divorce, single parent families,obesity, high fuel prices, worst food, horrible calorie filled aisles in supermarkets, yobs, TOWIE...

Posted by: Peter Johnstone

That's not very much ... and won't go very far for most Emiratis living in the UAE when it's expected to drive the latest 4x4 and the latest sportscars ... they should be asking for at least AED 45,000 ... and the public sector entities can certainly afford it !!

Posted by: tony

talk about resurrecting an old article :D

Posted by: Abdullah

@ Telcoguy, If you will not exhibit a modicum of civility and regard and esteem towards the citizens of your host the UAE then the least we can do is guide you to the exit because this land does not need ingrates like you who bite the hand that feeds them and their families and our partying words will not be Good Bye and Farewell rather Good Riddance...

Posted by: Bornprofessional

The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.

Posted by: procan

Abdullah.....careful what you wish for the loss of Telecoguy and persons like him or perhaps all expats would surely be the ruination of your fragile economy that frankly is powered by massive cash flow. As well the work and expertise of the huge expat population is what feeds your families and the harsh realities of your violent war like neighbours would soon be pressing on your door step. Your kuwait brothers seem also have forgotten that lesson. Expats have brought order to disorder and confusion in the GCC. Persons like Telecoguy are providing a bright future for you. Without them the world you currently live in would come to and abrupt end. We shall keep you safe, peace be with you.

Posted by: Ammar

All free zones must employ Emiratis, after all these free zones are in the UAE not in the begging Europe or the struggling Asia. Outsiders cannot just come here and invest while being indifferent to the local population as if they do not exist, this must change NOW!

Posted by: Masoud

Our guests who have made the UAE their business headquarters will never employ UAE locals unless and until they are fined heavily because they only know the language of fines, fines and more fines, so let us speak with these foreigners in the only language that they understand because anything else is a waste of time.

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