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  • The 10th Convergence Summit

    Event - Amman, Jordan

    3 June 2013 to 4 June 2013

    Arab Advisors Group's 10th Convergence Summit 2013 is the ideal forum for networking, discussions and debates on the convergence trends underway in the Arab media and telecom markets.
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  • Kuwait Yacht Show 2014

    Exhibition - , Kuwait

    4 June 2013 to 4 June 2013

    To be held under the patronage of H.H. Prime Minister of Kuwait
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  • CHRM™ Certified Human Resource Manager

    Event - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    9 June 2013 to 13 June 2013

    CHRM™ is a global Human Resource program designed for everyone who requires either a generalist understanding or in-depth knowledge of managing HR policies and procedures, and terms and conditions of employment, Many organization develop ad hoc policies to solve immediate challenges. These policies are reactive to the situation rather than being proactive. Poorly developed policies lead to a lack ...
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  • ME Sports Event Summit

    Conference - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    10 June 2013 to 12 June 2013

    An unrivalled opportunity to network with sports industry professionals and discuss the challenges and opportunities when organising sports events in the region.
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  • Automechanika Dubai 2013

    Exhibition - Duabi, United Arab Emirates

    11 June 2013 to 13 June 2013

    Renowned as the region’s largest and most comprehensive trade and networking exhibition for the automotive aftermarket, Automechanika Dubai offers you a unique spectrum of products from the fields of automotive parts, car washing, workshop and filling-station equipment, IT products and services, accessories and tuning.
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  • Hardware+Tools ME 2013

    Exhibition - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    11 June 2013 to 13 June 2013

    The region’s only dedicated trade fair for Tools, Hardware, Materials and Machinery!
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  • Introducing FIX & GO

    Road Show - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    11 June 2013 to 11 June 2013

    The Duty of Care Road Safety Initiative
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  • Intensive communications and PR programme

    Seminar - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    16 June 2013 to 27 June 2013

    Intensive Public Relations is an ISOC Multi-Skill Programme. This extended training format covers a range of different PR and communication skills. It is designed to develop fully rounded communications professionals.
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  • Entrepreneur bootcamp

    Event - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    17 June 2013 to 17 June 2013

    I have an amazing business idea… It will make me millions… BUT; Will my product sell?... Could I fail? Should I quit the security of my job? Will the banks take me seriously?... Have I covered all my bases... Questions! Questions! Questions! - Ask yourself the RIGHT QUESTIONS!
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  • Strategic event management seminar

    Seminar - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    17 June 2013 to 20 June 2013

    A four-day communication seminar on the professional management of strategic events Take control of high-profile events for stratetic reputational impact.
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  • Turkey•MENA Nuclear Industry Congress 2013

    Conference - Istanbul, Turkey

    18 June 2013 to 19 June 2013

    The main motivation behind this congress is to provide a vital platform for all nuclear energy players to know about the prospects of the regional market and learn from each other to common develop the Turkey and MENA nuclear power industry.
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  • Rana Begum at The Third Line

    Exhibition - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    19 June 2013 to 30 July 2013

    Rana Begum works with vibrant colour-coated metal shapes that resemble a kite. Flight, the freedom of movement and a bit of wonder form the structure of her work. The show follows Begum's well-known methods of working with optical illusion, architectural features and urban physiognomies, with each work of art demanding a level of interaction to be able to see it, and experience it, in its entirety ...
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  • Indian Property Show

    Exhibition - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    20 June 2013 to 22 June 2013

    Meet builders and developers from across India at the Indian Property Show.
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  • Modhesh World 2013

    Exhibition - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    20 June 2013 to 28 August 2013

    Modhesh World is the best destination for family entertainment during the summer in Dubai.
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  • Dubai Sports World 2013

    Event - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    21 June 2013 to 21 August 2013

    This massive arena offers a wealth of sporting facilities for all ages, including academies and tournaments.
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