Four GCC countries rank amongst world’s 10 fattest nations

Kuwait listed as the world’s second-fattest country with inhabitants weighing 15.5kg heavier than global average

The rising number of obese people in the world will affect the world’s resources as much as another billion people would, causing a “major threat” to food security, scientists warned.

The rising number of obese people in the world will affect the world’s resources as much as another billion people would, causing a “major threat” to food security, scientists warned.

Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain have all ranked amongst the world’s top ten fattest nations with obesity rates expected to severely affect global food security, a new report has said.

The average person in Kuwait, the second fattest country in the world behind the United States, weighs in at approximately 77.5 kg, 15.5kg heavier than the global average, according to a research report published by BMC Public Health.

Gas-rich Qatar was ranked third globally with the average adult consuming just over 3,000 calories per day, followed by the UAE in fifth place (3017 calories) and Bahrain in tenth position (2889 calories).

The world’s adult population is getting increasingly fatter. The global population estimated to weigh a combined 287 million tonnes, 17 million tonnes of which is due to people being overweight, according to the research.

The rising number of obese people in the world will affect the world’s resources as much as another billion people would, causing a “major threat” to food security, scientists warned.

“Increasing biomass will have important implications for global resource requirements, including food demand, and the overall ecological footprint of our species,” said the report.

“Our scenarios suggest that global trends of increasing body mass will have important resource implications and that unchecked, increasing BMI could have the same implications for world energy requirements as an extra 473 million people. Tackling population fatness may be critical to world food security and ecological sustainability,” it added.

Despite only making up five per cent of the world's population, the United States accounts for almost one third of the world’s weight due to obesity. In contrast, Asia has just 61 percent of the world’s population but only 13 percent of the world's weight.

North Korea was ranked the world’s slimmest nation with an average weight of 49.5kg based on consumption of 2,342 calories per day. Nepal followed in second place, ahead of Sri Lanka and Vietnam at third and fourth place, respectively.

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Posted by: ex Qatar Expats

they should enforce the citizens with some exercises compulsory education if they dont want to lose one generation because of obesity...

If i were them, I would make martial arts, bodybuilding/weight training, and cardiovascular training as compulsory programs at every public education there.

Posted by: Saudi Engineer

People, let's not get too..."detailed" with the figures/numbers. I don't think the writer of this article cared about the particulars, but was trying to make a bigger point. That we here in the Gulf are bigger!!

Congrats to all 4 nations who ranked in the top 10. And no matter how much everyone claims us Saudis are fat and lazy - at least we didn't make the top 10.

More reason to celebrate, and go out for a big fatty dinner!

Posted by: American in Kuwait

The USA is #1 in the most fat slobs of any country in the world. Thanks to Obama.

Posted by: Saudi Engineer

Of course!! Because as pointed out by others the US obesity problem only started 3 years ago.

If Mitt Romney was president, or if they brought back G.W. Bush, everyone would suddenly slim down.

I personally don't support either political party, but come on, let's be a bit realistic AiK!

Posted by: mohammad

@American in Kuwait: you need to head on out to the Fox News website buddy.

Posted by: John Thomas - AN AMERICAN

My windshield just cracked - Obama's fault!
I have no power because of the storm - Obama's fault!
My bank ripped me off -Obama's fault!

Seriously??? You need to get a life, get yourself properly informed before making non-sensical remarks and stay off the French fries! You really give the rest of us a bad name!

Posted by: Doug

Yes, because the US was famed for the thinness and athleticism of its people right up until Barack Obama was elected.

The US has been top of the obesity table for at least 30 years.

Posted by: John

Article sloppily uses and mixes data from original paper - kcal/day/adult - actually has UAE at #1, Qatar #2, an Kuwait #3. Yes, another #1. Heaviest average person is as they say. Alot of original paper is focusing on population defined as overweight or obese - may explain some of the maths anomalies.

Posted by: Doug

Given this region's penchant for trying to have the world's biggest this or the world's tallest that, I wouldn't be too surprised to see one of these countries make an explicit attempt to have the world's biggest people.

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