Saudi's Grand Mufti vents against horse statues

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh orders demolition of 'sinful' statues on Jazan roundabout

Saudi's Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh. (AFP/Getty Images)

Saudi's Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh. (AFP/Getty Images)

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has ordered “sinful” statues depicting horses to be demolished from the centre of a roundabout in the kingdom’s far southwest.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, the kingdom’s top cleric, ordered the governor of Jazan, a coastal city, to smash the statues because they are forbidden in Islam.

“The sculptures [must] be removed because they are a great sin and are prohibited under Sharia (Islamic law)," a letter from the Sheikh said, according to local Arabic media.

Artworks depicting people and animals is prohibited under Islam, which considers it a form of idolatry. The religion does allow artworks depicting plants and landscapes.

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Posted by: Faisal

I am wondering why this article is being published here? it is really useless. anyway, I in certain ways agree with the Mufti. god bless Saudi Arabia

Posted by: Brian Deane

Theres alot more serious problems in the Muslim world Mufti !!! start with the real down to earth problems in Saudi Arabia. I wont list them as it would take me all day.
The Arabian stllion is sureley a beutiful thing to see and is so typical throughout the Middle East. I agree we should not pray to idols even in Christianity it staes the same. Can you really imagine stoping your car at this roundabout . getting out and praying !!! actually maybe yes in Suadi Arabia !!!!! when will this country come and join the 21st Century and leave the stone age behind !!!!

Posted by: Mohammed

The Matter is not a Creed (known as aqeedah in arabic) Issue (praying to the Horses) but a jurisprudence one (Known as Fiqh in arabic).

Its interesting how people are jumping to the asumption of 'praying to the horses' . Did his Fatwa state praying to horses? NO..Is the mufti concerned people will stop at the roundabouts to take a bow? NO

Just as your respective countries have laws; the Sharia too is a law and considered Gods law by Muslims.

Why not worry about the state of affairs of your respective contries rather that worry about whats happening at some random roundabout in Saudi. Live and Let live.

Posted by: Abdulkadir

I will not second guess what Saudi drivers can do on the streets when they make casual complete stop in the middle of a highway to take a look at an accident that happed on the far opposite direction. I am not saying they will stop at a roundabout to do what some say here "to warship" but I am sure they will cause endless perils and hazards that will lead to accidents at the display site. Let's see if they sensor again because my previous comments had the following - Since someone in that city or municipality wants to display horses then why not have real horses at the roundabout and Mufti?s will not care about it.

Posted by: Abdulkadir

I like how people always like to express their opinions at every opportunity they can get. In this article as usual those who are making nonsense comments are forgetting this Mufti is Saudi and he is empowered to impose Shariah law to this country. One, he does not have juristic say over ?Islamic World? and so he should not care. Two, what is important to you may not be important to a Saudi Mufti. And so it goes with your flowed views. I only suggest to read the statement that is supposedly quoted from the Mufti. He simply states ?.. sculptures are a great sin.. and must be removed?. What some consider art may not necessarily be art to others and that is clear from the Mufti?s statement.

Posted by: jonjon

why are people arguing with the sheikhs statement. he is right, you have the right to disagree but you don't have the right to insult our faith. show respect to others

Posted by: Expatsaffa

Hi Jonjon, I dont think anyone here is insulting Islam. in Christianity we too are not allowed to make idols of worship. I think the clear difference is that this is Art, and I assume that there werent any people praying towards the horses at the roundabout. If there was I would agree, but because this is simply a way of reminding people of heritage, i think the horse (not idols) should be allowed to stay.

Posted by: ziad

I wonder why would Arabian even take the pain to publish such a useless story... I guess only to show how retarded some islamic scholars have become.... how sad.

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