Senior UAE official arrested over driver attack

Video on social media appeared to show Emirati man physically assaulting Indian motorist

A senior UAE official has been arrested after a video emerged on social media that appeared to show an Emirati man physically assaulting an Indian motorist.

Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, acting chief of Dubai Police, was quoted as saying by Gulf News that the incident had taken place on Saturday and that the director of a government department had been referred to the emirate's public prosecutor.

The clip, taken by a passer-by and later posted on YouTube, showed a middle-aged Emirati man repeatedly beating the Indian national for about 90 seconds following a minor traffic incident.

The video has so far attracted about 15,000 views on YouTube. Major General Khamis also warned that filming people without their knowledge is also a crime in the UAE.

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Posted by: Masood

I am a British expat, living in Dubai for many years. I have never (ever) seen a UAE national physically attack anyone.

I have come to believe that UAE people are an ideal example of the gentle nature of true muslim societies: at peace with themselves and with others.

I was shocked when I saw the video. There is no excuse for this type of behaviour at any time but especially in the holy month of Ramadan (a time of greater tolerance and forgiveness). However I still believe that this incident represents an extreme exception. It is a perfect example of road-rage.

Before we all get totally carried away with self-righteous indignation only at UAE we should pause and ask, how many people actually get killed each year in road-rage attacks in OTHER developed countries. Quite a few.

However, continuing to strike a person who is standing still and not defending himself, is wrong and cruel. The UAE gentleman should accept his error and not tarnish the good name of the UAE and its people.

Posted by: YouAreFunny

Then you were not reading even the local news as they have reported on quite a few high-profile attacks, including pregnant women

And before you get too carried away with self-righteous indignation you should consider that i) the person being attacked did not dare to fight back and we all know why, and ii) the person who will get the harshest punishment is the one who reported the attack.

Posted by: Emir Al Ahli

This Emirati should accept this is a mistake and a crime, like a true Muslim because he beat a person even when the person did not fight back. Haza Zulmun Azeem.

Fear the punishment of Allah and you will not do such acts. I don't say this is a reflection of all Emiratis, but if anyone supports it as being right, then it will further add to the bad image. Emirati are good people, and they don't do such things normally. I hope this person accepts the mistake, asks for forgiveness to the person and Allah both, and would not do this in future. I am also Emirati and I am sorry for such thing happening to a foreigner who came to our country for serving us.

Those who support the Emirati or Saudis for doing such acts need some ethical training, and should read Islam about haquq el ebad (human rights).

Filming the criminal for the sake of removing crimes from our country is a help. Thank you for your help.

Posted by: Oldtimer

@Emir Al Ahli: Thank-you my brother. Your comments reflect the nature of most Emaratis that I have met and made friends with during the forty-six years of my expat life. They are mostly good natured people and happy with their good relations with other nationalities, proud of their country's progress and benevolent visionary rulers. A few bad eggs reflect poorly on this harmonious coexistence and on the emirates endeavor to join the rank of developed nations. I hope most fervently that the videographer would be let off with a warning and that public participation encouraged in helping the police catch and prosecute such criminals.

Posted by: Jane Thomspn

Thank you for this comment!

I want to repeat that last line:

"Filming the criminal for the sake of removing crimes from our country is a help. Thank you for your help. "

Arresting the guy who uploaded the video has now sent out a whole new and VERY sinister message to everyone following this story.

Seemingly endorsed from the top??? It cant be can it?

Posted by: RAKESH P

UAE has always been know as a peace loving place and that is why so many expatriates have been able to co-exist and grow with the Local Nationals. Besides this is the Holy month of Ramadan.I am sure it is a one off incident and the law will take the appropriate action.

Posted by: Bash

The indian fellow seems to be bigger than the Emirati guy. Why the Indian did not fight back and defend himself?

Posted by: gordon

I am confused, when people tailgated me or cut in front, my passanger would take out the mobile and film it.
It is often so bad that I am thinking of having a video cam installed in the back and front for insurance purposes as in many other countries.

Does this mean that this is illegal?

Posted by: Dev

If filming is crime, then having CCTV on the roads is also crime. You have to take their permission before recording. Why double standard rules.

Filming is considered crime only if someone goes into the domain or into their their property and records without their consent.
Public places like swimming pool, roads, theater, buses, malls,etc can not be considered as private place. In such places if someone is found in an awkward situation or in an criminal act.

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