Why Qatar developers struggle despite construction boom

$7.1bn state financial support package for Barwa highlights industry's weakness


Lets be fair, Dubai and Doha cannot be compared. Not only Dubai is ahead of Doha by more that 20+ years, but the UAE have the MENTALITY that Qatar unfortunately will never have, why????try to live in both countries and you will figure it out by yourself, try to work in both countries and you will figure out by yourself...more and more. The issue is not the money, or the weather, or the infrastructure, or the which is a nicer place to live, it the overall MENTALITY of the people and the MOOD of the country. I wish both countries all the best, but Dubai is the best.


I need not underscore these comments about Qatar and the comparisons made VS Dubai. From what I can say, mostof these statements are reflective of the real situation and it's a mixture of socio-cultural, politics and economics. However, the shortcomings are, Qatar is just like the Falcon waiting still to take off after it has set its fierecefull and focused eyes on vision 2030 via FIFA 2022.
I can observed a lot of inconsistencies on inter-agencies /government policies and the actions they make. It's like an orchestra with expensive instruments yet some players can not put their acts together and the Conductor does not know what to do as we audience are waiting whether to "Boo" or to "Clap". I agree that some one with a vision, bold and action/results oriented must come in and put a halt on these wranglings. As simple as traffic management, as simple as that Golden |Release Paper AKA NOC, are all archaic and medievalistic master-slave policies.


I love Qatar, been here 7 years, but Dubai is incredible. Their leader has said he wants everyone there to enjoy it all as quickly as possible, not next year, or the year after. Sadly here things take many years for even the smallest projects. I remember getting here and seeing a road of 0.5kms being constantly dug up then asphalted. The same road is still not ready 8 years later, which doesn't bode well for them making 8 stadiums, dozens of hotels and a rail system for the World Cup in 9 years' time. The airport is now 4 years late due to someone at the top micro managing everything. Travellers passing through Doha have to endure a 20 minute bus ride to the terminal, doing far more damage to Qatar's image than if the airport had been built without him fussing over a tiny kink in some door handle. I wish Qatar the best but things move so slowly.


I moved to Qatar last year after 4 blissful years in the UAE. I thought I was moving to greener pastures but alas, what a tragedy it has been. What Qatar desperately needs is a vision and some top go-getters to get things done. The roads, infrastructure, public transport system, quality of accommodation, leisure facilities and many more are not commensurate to the wealth that the nation can boast about. I sincerely hope that the young new Emir starts focusing on internal issues rather than meddling in the affairs of Egypt, Syria etc. After all, charity begins from home?


After 8 wonderful years in Dubai, our family moved to Doha this year as part of a new career challenge. What a disastrous decision on our part.

Doha is a good 10 to 15 years behind Dubai in every aspect of business and life. Although there seems to be some strategy revolving around a few other areas, the big problem is the lack of skilled, motivated talent and perfect execution on important projects.

Organization, traffic, driving ethics, road infrastructure, efficiency, bureaucratic processes, low quality super expensive education, a general lack of choice in everything, lots of basic items (like travel tickets) are far more expensive, lack of entertainment choice, you need to get permission from your master (i.e your employer to leave the country) and finally if at all you get a better offer in the market, you are at the complete mercy of your master (aka sponsor) whether you can continue to live in this country or not.

Cant wait to get back in Dubai.


Go on: Rub it in :)


I am in the reverse situation as you are. After 6 miserable years in Qatar facing all what you and others here wrote about, great unprofessionalism, low ethics, chaotic traffic, poor infrastructures and 100% submission to the "master" to travel out to move jobs, i am now in Dubai experiencing again how it is to work in a cvilized environment again.
I feel sorry for those who have no choice but for me one thing is sure: Qatar will be never again for me!

Ron Sharaf

Terribly biased and one sided view of Qatar - quite typical of a Dubai based individual to write such a condemning view of a country that is so different from Dubai in its vision, its primary economic drivers and its policies. There is no doubt that Barwa Real Estate has had issues however the article fails to recognise the countless other developments being undertaken by various bodies in the country, such as Katara Hospitality, Aspire Foundation, Qatar Foundation, Katara Foundation, the Supreme Council of Education and Supreme Council of Health. Go to the websites of these organisations, download their annual reports and read what they are building and what they plan to do. Dubai lovers need to come down from their glittering towers and see what's happening around them. Qatar my not be "like" Dubai but it's certainly got the muscle.




Qatar might not be the same as Dubai, but both treat and under pay labors the same way!
Such a rich country paying an average and manytimes less than 200 Euros/month.
The minimum salary in poor countries in Europe such as Greece, is around 500 euros!
That is what Qatar and other GCC countries have in common and all is seen as if it is normal!

Bored in Qatar

So Ron, what part of the article don't you agree with? I also live in Qatar and in my opinion the article is a very accurate picture of Qatar.
For many expats, Qatar is still considered a hardship posting because of it's lack of leisure and recreation faciliities and quality accommodation. It is extremely difficult to attract quality staff to live and work in Qatar.
Unfortunately Qatar doesn't have the vision, experience or framework to even come close to being like Dubai.


Qatar has some of the most restrictive sponsorship laws in the Gulf region, and forced labor and human trafficking are serious problems. The government has failed to address shortcomings in the legal and regulatory framework despite the initiation of many large-scale projects in preparation for Qatar hosting the World Cup in 2022.


Dubai and UAE both are unique places in the ME and North Africa region...You can not deny that. They (UAE/Dubai) put a lot of hard work to get to where they are today. As one multinational company telling me you want to succeed in this region first you need to be sucsseful in Dubai and UAE then you can take your business model some where else....That is true, not to mention the real competition that you find in the market, plus you have access to a huge skill and non skills workers willing to work and stay in the country. Even in the many of government sponsored projects you find high skilled UAE nationals that put the works sometimes even more than non-national because of the hight competition and screening. This is the success of Dubai and UAE , and they did not get all those by pouring petro or gas dollars. You need to work hard to go the top you can not buy (always) your place. I wish the best for Qatar...


Can anyone explain how Barwa has a market cap of $3Billion yet have now assets (now they have been sold to Qatar Diar)?


Its unbelievable how many people fly in on a sunday and out on a Thursday, as the main reason being they will not live in Qatar as they do not want to be tied with the NOC rule - run the risk of joining a company, not liking or even finding a better job with better prospects and not being allowed to move.

If Qatar sorts that out then people will me more willing to move to assist in the development of the country.

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