World’s Most Powerful Arabs 2019

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Ahmed Abou Hashima

Ahmed Abou Hashima


Egyptian Steel, Egyptian Cement, Egyptian Contracting and Egyptian Media Group



Ahmed Abou Hashima is a self-made Egyptian entrepreneur whose ambition is clearly limitless. He started working in the steel industry in 1996 and now leads one of  the biggest industrial companies in the entire Middle East. 

In 2011, he took a calculated risk and invested $1bn into Egyptian Steel, which eventually paid off. Egyptian Steel produces durable, high-quality steel using efficient, innovative techniques, state-of-the-art and eco-friendly technologies, which enabled the group to rank among the world’s largest green steel producers after the full operation of all of its four plants.  Egyptian Steel and its subsidiaries are currently producing 20-22 percent of Egypt’s whole steel supply. 

Abou Hashima is also the CEO of Egyptian Cement, which he founded in 2017 with a total investment of $360m. The plant will commence operations in September of this year and will produce 2 million tonnes of cement annually, in the first step towards realising his dream of making a one-stop shop for building materials. 

To complement his success in the building materials sector, Abou Hashima established the Egyptian Contracting Company in 2017, a full-service construction management and general contracting firm. 

In 2016, he established Egyptian Media Group, a full-fledged media services firm which aims to develop the media sector in Egypt.

Abou Hashima is also involved in philanthropic work in his community and across Egypt, and he encourages personal and professional development among the country’s youth. Helping Egypt’s young generation is one of his top priorities over the years, and he had a clear vision for young Egyptians, especially those with talent and skills that would contribute to the well-being of the country. He supported The Future of the Nation campaign, which is one of the biggest initiatives in Egypt. 

Abou Hashima also fully sponsored the Youth Leaders Foundation, an exclusive entity that empowers Egyptian youth leaders to positively engage in community development by developing their leadership skills.

Helping young inventors is also of particular importance to Abou Hashima. He sponsored inventor Ahmed Osama and Ahmed Baheeg, the students who represented Egypt in international scientific forums and are considered to be among the world’s young geniuses. 

He is also the recipient of numerous local, regional and global recognitions, which include Outstanding Success Story in 2018 by the American University in Cairo,  100 Distinguished Arabs in 2018 by Esquire Magazine, and the Most Prominent Egyptian Figure in the Economic and Social Field by the Saudi Arabian Embassy in 2019 at the Cairo International Book Fair.