Wed 23 Sep 2009 09:47 AM
Dr Jawaher Al Mudhaki

Dr Jawaher Al Mudhaki

Industry: Education

Company: Assurance Authority for Education and Training (QAAET

Designation: CEO

Country: Bahrain

Citizenship: Bahrain

Occupation: CEO

Education has been the hot-button issue of the summer for both Bahrainis and expats on the island. And at the centre of the storm is the QAAET and its CEO, Dr Jawaher Al Mudhaki.

The body is charged with providing the highest quality of education and training in Bahrain by reviewing and analysing the performance of educational establishments, organising national exams, redressing weaknesses and building on strengths at schools and higher educational institutions to reach set national goals.

But any suspicions that Al Mudhaki and his colleagues might sugar-coat the truth were dispelled in June when a detailed QAAET report concluded that several schools and universities are failing their students.

Out of 20 public and private institutions reviewed, three were deemed ‘inadequate’, 13 ‘satisfactory’ and four ‘good’, while none achieved the highest level possible. Two out of four higher education courses analysed also received ‘no confidence’ judgements, with the other two courses receiving ‘limited confidence’ rulings. Vocational institutions were also slammed in the nationwide evaluation scheme, with 50 percent deemed ‘inadequate’.

Parents and educators will no doubt be awaiting the QAAET’s next report with bated breath. But the message so far is crystal clear: must do better.