In pictures: 10 apps millennials can't live without

Business Insider has broken down some figures from ComScore, surveying 18-34-year-olds about the apps they can't do without.
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Millennials know what they want, and that’s avocado toast, free Wi-Fi and owning property.
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10. Instagram: Who doesn’t love taking photos of food and sticking filters on them? Well, not everyone thinks it’s essential, quite clearly, with just 11% of those polled putting it in their top three most essential apps.
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9. WhatsApp: The same percentage put WhatsApp in their top three, and when you consider the importance of our groups on the app it’s easy to see why.
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8. Apple App Store: Also on 11%, the App Store seems essential at face value, but maybe people already have all the apps they need and have no need to download any more. Or just have non-Apple phones.
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7. Google Search: Rounding off the 11 percenters, more than one in 10 of those polled use the specific Google Search app rather than just searching within their web browser.
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6. Google Maps: At least 14% of people get lost all the time, apparently.
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5. YouTube: Video consumption has changed a lot in the smartphone era, and that’s reflected by the 16% who consider YouTube among their three most essential apps.
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4. Facebook Messenger: Some may be surprised to see this outrank WhatsApp by such a margin, but Facebook’s move to launch a standalone Messenger app seems to have made an impact with 18% viewing it as essential.
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3. Facebook: A big jump here, with Facebook in 29% of people’s top threes. We all know plenty of people who use the app every single day.
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2. Gmail: The only email app on the list, Gmail is far and away the most ‘essential’ with a 30% hit rate.
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1. Amazon: Yup, it’s Amazon, with a huge 35%. Looks like people really love their shopping… good on the e-commerce app *pats*.