In pictures: 10 tech hacks you need to know

Save time with these simple technology hacks
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Quick and easy life hacks can save precious time, by simply using everyday household goods. Take a look at these 10 easy peasy tech hacks!
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LEGO designed its figures with hands, hands that are wide enough to hold cables. Take a LEGO brick and attach it to a desk, wall or anywhere you see fit and simply clip on the LEGO figure.
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If you have ever accidentally closed a web browser, simultaneously select Ctrl, Shift, T and web page will load automatically.
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Tangled earphone cables? Poke a small hole in the top of a wine cork and insert the jack, then use a knife to cut a slit along the other end to place your earbuds. You can then wrap the length of the cord around the cork.
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By placing your smartphone on airplane mode it will stop ads from popping up whilst playing games
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If you find that your laptop is heating up, simply place two forks underneath, facing downwards. This trick also doubles up as a laptop stand.
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In need of a timer? Google can help. Simply search for Google timer and you will see a timer as well as a stopwatch.
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We have all experienced a broken charger. Well to prevent the cord from fraying, wrap the metal spring from a ballpoint pen around the part that typically bends.
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No speakers? By placing a smartphone in a cup, either glass or plastic, with the speakers faced downwards can instantly turn the volume up.
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If you're staying in a hotel or need an extra phone charging point, turn to the TV. The USB points will offer another option.
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Whilst some smartphones have Supercharge technology, many still do not. For a semi-quick charge, put your phone into airplane mode and then charge it. It also helps if you do not use your phone whilst charging.