In pictures: New museum complex, the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre in Kuwait City

The center won the LEAF Award for the best design last September
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The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre is one of the worlds largest cultural complexes housing a total of 22 galleries with over 1,100 exhibits.
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The complex is made up six main buildings that includes a National History Museum; Science Museum; Museum of Islamic History; Space Museum; Fine Arts Centre; as well as a theatre.
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The building is the newest addition to what is to become a cultural district within country’s capital, Kuwait City.
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The buildings within the complex are connected by a central ‘street’ which winds around the complex, referencing a traditional ‘ferej’ (neighbourhood) found in Kuwait and the wider region. The meandering walkways mirror the experience of walking down a typical, busy Kuwait street.
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Consisting of an inverted structure, this allows the installation of 2,000 LED-lit shingles, which is parametrically designed linked by a DMX controller to provide evening light shows, in addition to daytime shade.
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The orientation of the shingles creates a downdraft to lower the ambient temperature by 10 degrees, while providing shading space between the buildings
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The shingles range from 3 sqm to 9 sqm in area and each comprises a single piece of fibre-glass, which reflects ambient temperature, and creates light effects to celebrate national holidays and events.
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Kuwaiti women are seen at the planets section at the Sheikh Abdullah al-Salem Cultural Centre.
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Animals are seen at the extinct animal section at the Sheikh Abdullah al-Salem Cultural Centre.
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A crocodile skeleton from the Ancient Times section is seen the Sheikh Abdullah al-Salem Cultural Centre.