Sharjah new five-star eco-tourism Kalba Kingfisher Lodge - in pictures

The boutique hotel featuring 25 luxuriously appointed tents, with a private swimming pool for each tent, the accommodation is designed to provide guests with comfort and privacy, overlooking the Indian Ocean and a forest of mangrove (Qurm) trees surrounding the lodge - also home to a number of kingfishers and a host of flora and fauna.
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The tented lodge is being constructed in compliance with global standards of green and sustainable building in order to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
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A boutique hotel featuring 25 luxuriously appointed tents, each has its very own private pool encircled by unrivaled tranquil surroundings.
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Its views overlook the Indian Ocean, whilst the neighboring mangroves are home to a turtle breeding area and many rare species of birds.
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Embracing its Arabian heritage and culture, you can expect world-class hospitality.
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Each room has been designed with your every need in mind. Chic and comfortable they feature all modern amenities, with a calming colour palette designed to allow full relaxation.
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Each room also features awe-inspiring views, whilst also retaining privacy.
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Heading down to the main tent, this bespoke dining venue is the heart of Kingfisher Lodge. A space to indulge in sumptuous food, or simply relax by one of the fire pits.
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With a private swimming pool for each tent.
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The lodge will include an outdoor yoga and wellness centre and a range of public facilities, including restaurants and outdoor recreational areas.
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The hotels are the result of a partnership between Mantis Hospitality and the Sharjah Investment and Development.