Gallery: Russian luxury brand smartphone meets luxury watch

Caviar Grand Complications Tourbillon combines an iPhone with a high-end timepiece
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Luxury smartphone brand Caviar has created a new iPhone XS with a mechanical watch mechanism and a tourbillon.
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The mechanical watch has a manual winder (19 stones, 28 880 vph) with 30 hours power reserve.
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The tourbillon, set below the clock face, is a device to improve the time-keeping accuracy of the mechanical components.
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The tourbillon make one rotation per minute. The mechanisms have been created to order by a well-known European manufacturer whose name has not yet been disclosed.
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The phone is finished in composite stone in black and white with gold coverings.
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The design of the phone has been inspired by the synthesis of the astronomy, physics and philosophy, and the face is a stylistic interpretation of the planets and their orbits.
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Model Caviar Grand Complications Tourbillon is released in a limited edition of only 99 handsets. The cost starts from $8 350.