Gallery: Inside the all-new Four Seasons private jet

Built to replace the current aircraft, the new Four Seasons Private Jet further enhances the in-flight experience, for an elevated take on five-star service in the sky.
Four Seasons
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A laser focus on comfort and functionality.
Four Seasons
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The all-new Four Seasons Private Jet, at A321LRneo, wants to take flight in early 2021.
Four Seasons
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The new Four Seasons Private Jet offers the widest and tallest cabin in its class.
Four Seasons
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48 custom handcrafted seats designed by Optimares, with leather from Italian producer Poltrona Frau.
Four Seasons
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The spacious interior will also allow guests to socialise more easily while seated.
Four Seasons
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New purpose-built personal ottomans at each seat will encourage interaction and connection.
Four Seasons
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New lounge area invites socialising among guests and provides a stage for interactive workshops.
Four Seasons
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Lavatories are also being expanded for added comfort, reflecting a more residential style.