Gallery: World's largest vertical farm will deliver fresh produce for millions of meals at Expo 2020

Emirates Flight Catering's 130,000 square foot farm, located next door to the Expo 2020 site in Dubai South, will produce 2,700 kilos of herbicide- and pesticide-free leafy greens every day, using 99 percent less water than outdoor fields.
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Fresh produce grown at the world’s largest vertical farm will be served to millions at Expo 2020 Dubai
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Collaboration offers innovative and varied culinary experiences rooted in sustainable practices
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Caterers will work with a host of participating countries to serve up authentic national cuisines
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There will be 50-plus cuisines to try across an area equal in size to seven football pitches and almost 300,000 meals served every day throughout the six-month celebration.
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A proportion of its output will go to Emirates-operated outlets and various other pavilions at Expo during the 173 days of the event.
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EKFC is set to launch a series of F&B locations across the Expo site’s three Thematic Districts.
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Its fine dining restaurants will feature rotating menus and a monthly star chef from its extensive network; while Grains and Greens will offer gourmet sandwiches, bowl creations and sharing platters.
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The tie-up, which will showcase the future of sustainable gastronomy, will also introduce visitors to the up-and-coming cuisines at Expo Culinary Experience restaurants.
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Operated by EKFC, the eateries will embrace authentic recipes from participating countries – enabling diners to sample global flavours, ingredients and foodstuffs they may have never considered before stepping through the Expo 2020 gates.
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And F&B providers are being encouraged to meet more ambitious targets in areas such as food and packaging waste.